Every business today has powerful data within their grasp. But often they struggle to even understand what they have. Companies have actionable information, but don’t know what to do with it. They are letting opportunities pass them by.

Let us help you assess , store and learn from your data. To turn your data into profits.



Jeff graduated from the University of Kansas with a BS in Mathematics and a concentration in Statistics.

Since then he has 27 years of experience in different data-driven industries. From different facets of the commodities business to digital underwriting of online credit applications, he has a breadth of experience and wisdom in many areas.


"Henningsen Cold Storage collects and references multiple points of data to safely and effectively execute our various service offerings throughout the country each day.  Mantel Analytics' analytics enabled us to identify patterns through event data.  These patterns provide valuable insight into our client’s supply chain requirements.   We utilized the analytics to direct our company’s resources toward projects that provide benefit to both our company and our clients alike." 

Todd Lanter, Henningsen Transportation Services

"Mantel’s analytics reports have allowed us to increase customer retention and average order size.  The reports help us identify accounts that are trending down so our sales team is able to reach out and work with our customers to get back on track.  In addition, the reports have highlighted missed sales by revealing instances where complementary products were not being purchased together.  Going through his reports is like looking at our company through a magnifying glass for clues that could take us to another level."

Tighe Greenhalgh, Midland Metal

"Unsorted Data does me little good, however organized data provides me the ability to make intelligent decisions. I've had numerous data sets for both clients and personal databases that Jeff has helped sort out, discover patterns and which has saved me a tremendous amount of time. Jeff has a keen ability to understand what it is I'm truly after, accurate in managing expectations, and prompt in returning results. I will continue to use Jeff to gain insight to make me better at what I do from a marketing and customer acquisition basis."  

James Moburg, Key212


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